Preparing for a DOT Safety Audit

You're sitting at your desk when the telephone rings. The Department of Transportation has just told you that a safety audit will be done on your transportation company. Is your company prepared? If you're an owner or a manager of a trucking company, you do not have to panic when the time comes for a DOT audit. Properly training your management team [...]

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The Benefits of a Website Legal Audit

With so many ways to start a website at very little cost, many people are turning to the Internet to sell goods, advertise their services or to share information with family [...]

Maintaining Privacy With a Security Fence

Fences must be built with a purpose. They can be purely decorative, or they can serve different functions. From selecting the style to choosing the material, all of the [...]

What is an Internet Marketing Audit?

It's an audit of your internet marketing. Simple! Is that all? Well, yes and no... Before we start I want you to imagine this scenario. Someone calls out, "I'm [...]

What is Website Auditing?

The word 'audit' usually has a negative connotation that sends shivers down the spine. But a website audit is very different. The purpose of performing one is to help [...]